Sometimes, when suffering with an eating disorder, we can lose track of why we are fighting, especially if we are having to fight particularly hard. Below is a list of reasons to stay on track when you have the combination of diabetes and an eating disorder and all the benefits staying on track will bring you. You might want to create your own list and put it somewhere you can see it i.e the fridge, inside a cupboard you frequently open, or you could print this one off and use that. Remember, you are worth the fight!


1) Imagine yourself well. Picture the thickness/length of your hair, how beautiful your skin looks and feels, the sparkle in your eyes. Try not to focus on what you look like weight-wise.
2) Imagine being able to run up a flight of stairs without feeling like your lungs are going to explode. Now imagine running across a beautiful field of flowers with somebody special.
3) Insulin affects mood in a major, significant way. It can affect how stable our mood is, can affect whether or not we are depressed and more. When taking insulin regularly you are more likely to have a stable, steady mood. Think of it as calm after the storm.
4) Your family will not need to worry about you so much or fear finding you dead. This will majorly affect your family relationships and relationships with people outside your family. Most members in my family are at their happiest when they know I am well and in recovery.
5) You will be able to build relationships with men/women and maintain a healthy, stable relationship. This can be paramount to recovery; having somebody to love you really can help.
6) You will know that you are doing all you can to avoid future complications. The more you take insulin, the more you decrease the chance that you will go blind, lose function of your kidneys and more.
7) Swap the association that insulin = fat. Insulin does not = fat, too many calories consumed + insulin = fat. Instead, be mindful of what you eat and try and associate insulin with something else. I myself tend to refer to insulin as my 'life juice' - every injection is a top up for my energy levels, like a battery! It may seem silly, but pychologically, it works for me.
8) You will be able to achieve your dreams whether that be to go travelling, have children or embark on a new career. 9 times out of 10 these things are damn right impossible when sick with diabetes and an eating disorder.
9) You will be a stronger person as you will have conquered what has been described as one of the most complex, difficult issues in mental health. Hopefully this will raise your self esteem, confidence and self worth.
10) Last, but not least, you will LIVE. You will live a long and healthy life free of diabetes complications if you take action NOW and attack this disorder in its tracks.