Hello and welcome to my website. The aim of this website is to provide support, guidance and help for any individual suffering with type 1 diabetes and an eating disorder - a term recently coined as 'diabulimia.' Here you will find information about diabulimia, my story, advice on recovery, what to do when a loved one is suffering with diabulimia, a wide range of support and links to various other websites associated with diabulimia. In NO way what so ever do I promote 'pro' anorexia/bulimia and am very much geared towards - and currently am in - recovery. This website will only provide healthy, helpful advice and my only intention is to help others. Please feel free to contact me if you need some personal support via the 'contact' link above. Please do look around the website if you are struggling with diabulimia or a loved one is struggling. This illness is pure torture and it is my vow to save as many people as I can from it.
Stay safe, be healthy, live long!
Love, Tayler x