Useful activies and coping mechanisms to distract you when you are tempted to fall in to a trap of unhelpful, eating disorder behaviours i.e binging, restricting insulin, over exercising, restricting food or self harming.
Triggers to look out for for those either in recovery or currently struggling with diabetes and an eating disorder.
Relapse warning signs to look out for when you are in recovery from diabulimia.
A list of Q&A regarding recovery and considering inpatient/outpatient treatment.
Ways to prevent a relapse occuring and ways to deal with a relapse should you feel one coming on in any way, shape or form.
A selection of motivational exercises and games to play to keep you on track when you are feeling low.
A list of beautiful and inspiring quotes that can be linked to diabulimia to help you on the road to recovery.
Signs & symptoms to look out for if you think you may be suffering with diabulimia. Includes a questionnaire.
Help with creating a relapse plan to prevent relapsing.
A list of tips to improve your body image and ways to feel good about your body when you are having a bad day.
Eating disorder versus no eating disorder; the benefits and the disadvantages of staying well or staying sick.
A selection of self-affirmations to keep you aiming for recovery and to keep you feeling positive about yourself through your struggle to get better.
A list of motivations and reasons to stay well when suffering with diabetes and an eating disorder combined.
What is normal eating for a diabetic? Advice on how to normalise your eating pattern, insulin regime and stablise your weight and diabetes management in a healthy, normal way.
A reading list to check out full of fantastic reads ideal for those suffering with diabulimia.